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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Book Review: The Hoopa Project by David Paulides

The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California is David Paulides' 2008 book, and his first on Bigfoot. His second, Tribal Bigfoot, came out in 2009, and he also has 4 books on missin people called Missing 411.

The Hoopa Project is full of sightings by native Americans in the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California. Paulides spent a few years interviewing all the witnesses for the book, and even had a forensic sketch artist named Harvey Pratt(who also happens to be a Native American) draw sketches of the creatures the witnesses saw. Paulides also had the witnesses sign affidavits, so if they found out they were lying they could be charged with perjury. None of the witnesses refused to sign affidavits. The way that Paulides interviewed the witnesses is also different from any techinique used in Bigfooting. I had heard that this was on of the best Bigfoot books out there, and it is. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Bigfoot, and for skeptics. It might just change your mind.

The next book review on this blog will be Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind by Nick Redfern.