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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Portals and the Interdimensional Bigfoot

The Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference was April 24-26. Theories at this conference got a little into the weird side - things like cloaking Bigfoot, Interdimensional Bigfoot, portals, etc.

I've heard some of these theories before, but the portal one is really weird: Matthew Johnson said that the portals are only visible at night. Why? Well, they disappear in sunlight, duh. How do they make sure people don't get in to them and go to another dimension? That's easy, too: they're guarded by little furry creatures with red eyes. Johnson also claims that a Bigfoot talked to him once in a dream. He said the Bigfoot told him that they came from the portals and the little furry creatures were there to guard them to make sure the humans didn't get in and go to "Bigfoot's World", lets say.

Patrick Cooper was also at the conference, but he doesn't really believe anything Johnson said. "I'm only interested in the physical nature of the Sasquatch." He said. Cooper, I'm with you.

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