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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Nature of the Beast

Most people with an interest in Bigfoot probably know about Bryan Sykes. If not, you can find out a little more about him here.
Bryan Sykes

Bryan has been doing DNA studies on Bigfoot, Yeti, and Almasti. Just this year, he published his book on his findings, entitled The Nature of the Beast: The First Genetic Evidence on the Survival of Apemen, Yeti, Bigfoot and Other Mysterious Creatures in Modern Times. 

Here's the description of the Book:

"Professor Bryan Sykes, the world's leading expert on human genetics, set a goal to locate and analyze as many DNA samples as possible with links to the yeti. In doing so, he found himself entering a strange world of mystery and sensationalism, fraud and obsession and even the supernatural. Protected by the ruthless vigor of genetic analysis he was able to listen to the stories of the yeti without having to form an opinion. The only opinion that mattered was DNA. Three hair samples from the miogi, the Bhutanese yeti are the cause of the investigation. The hairs did not surrender their secrets easily, but eventually two were identified as known species of bear. The third remains a mystery. One of the many theories to account fro the yeti legend is that there are small groups of Neanderthals that had managed to survive until recent times. If so, would it be possible to detect recent interbreeding between out known species and Neanderthals in the genomes of indigenous people living in remote regions? Professor Sykes has made some surprising and significant discoveries. Discoveries that could change your understanding of human origins."

You can buy the book here.