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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Land Loch Ness Monster Photographed - Or Not

Various news outlets are reporting on a "Land Loch Ness Monster" that was photographed recently.

Here is the report from The Sun:

"A WALKER was left stunned after stumbling across this Loch Ness Monster lookalike.
"Jimmy Wright, 66, snapped an astonishing photo while out walking his dog on Crow Hill, Killearn, Stirlingshire.

Land Nessie!

"He posted the image on Facebook and claimed, after spotting the creature, it had disappeared from sight.
"He then asked his friends: 'A land relative of 'Nessie' perhaps?'
"However, some of Jimmy's friends disagreed with his theory, many submitting one of their own - a tree stump.
"Heather McCabe commented: 'Old tree stump??' and Elaine McLeod said: 'The native Killearn tree stump.'
"The 'surgeon's photograph', snapped by Colonel Robert Wilson in 1934, is probably the most famous Nessie sighting ever. It was later exposed to be a hoax.
"In 2012 George Edwards took a stunning picture of Loch Ness, claiming that he had finally found definitive proof of the giant creature's existence.
"The following year the boat skipper admitted he had made the whole thing up.
"In 2014 a satellite photo on the Apple Maps app seemingly showed a 100ft shape swimming in the loch.
"The mysterious outline sparked renewed interest in Nessie after a lull of several years, with the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club claiming it was 'likely' to be the camera-shy monster.
"However, experts insisted it was merely a boat and its wake."

Definitely not a "Loch Ness Monster."  I have to agree with Elaine McLeod that this is the "native Killearn tree stump!"

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