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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Big Cat Kills in Australia

There is more proof that a big cat is likely on the prowl in Australia…

Jack Tessier posted the following photos on the Australian Cryptozoology Research Organization (ACRO) blog the other day. A kangaroo was found dead in Queensland and some are suspecting that a big cat is to blame.
Torn-apart kangaroo found in Queensland, Australia

Bite marks on the neck

A few more photos can be seen on the ACRO blog.

The discoverer of the carcass found it near the road and notes that "its legs were disjointed from the hip" and that "the skin & fur wasn't chewed & mangled." He also found three other 'roo carcasses as well.

All the others also had the same marks on their neck as this one.

The man who found this also says that he has heard people at his work talking about "the sasquatch" someone else has apparently seen.

This seems to point (even more) to big cats being on the loose in Australia.

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