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Is Washington State Photo Really a Real Sasquatch?

The other day I put up a post on a picture from Washington State that Matt Moneymaker (you all know who he is) says is of a real Sasquatch. But is it, really?
The photo - box added by me

I had some doubts when first seeing the photo, and even more when some people brought some other stuff to light.

But before we get to that, here is what Moneymaker said about the photo on Twitter:

"Here's photo of real sasquatch in Washington State. An elk hunter witness at recent Colorado town hall says the one he saw almost identical."

And a little more on that…. on Twitter, "the Mick SSDD" said "Was that picture taken in 2001 with a flip phone?" To which MM said "…cuz yoou would have gotten a much much better photo in that brief unexpected moment. … Right, Trollio?"

Maybe he would have, cause I don't think this is the real deal.

The photo has gotten a few comments about its authenticity on Cryptomundo. Cryptokellie said: "Is this a test? A stretched stock gorilla image added to a forest image. To start, the borders all around the 'Bigfoot' do not match the rest of the forest foliage especially between the right arm and leg. There are other proportional problems as well. Try harder…in fact - don't try at all, wait for the real one."

On my first post, my friend and fellow researcher Colin Schneider commented and said that, if you zoom in on the photo, "it looks like one of those high quality Bigfoot costumes that you occasionally see at Halloween."

He linked to this picture as well.

I decided to get on my Google Drive and put the two photos up for comparison. I zoomed in on the photo of the supposed real sasquatch and adjusted the brightness of it to try to be able to see any more details.


When you look closely at the face of the Bigfoot, it does kind of look like one of those costumes. And it almost is in the classic "Patty pose" too.

Not thinking this is a legit photo.

Would Moneymaker try to pull a fast one and say this is a real Sasquatch? It wouldn't really surprise me that much.

Bobo from Finding Bigfoot did the same thing in February of this year. He posted a photo on his Facebook page saying "I promise you this is a legit photo that shows up on the therm as a mammal. Taken last week in Idaho." The photo shows what looks like a human-like body, which I initially thought was a guy in a black coat with brown pants on.
Bobo photo

But as it turns out, it was no Bigfoot, and no man, either. A few days later Bobo said:

"Sorry about the false alarm. Apparently almost no one saw the 2nd pic from down the road showing it being a moose. I should have been more clear that by legit I meant not photo shopped or an intentional hoax. I never specifically said it was a Squatch, just that it was a 7ft mammal in an undoctored photo. I wanted people to go through and try to figure out what it was. Also to show how easy it is to have an honest misidentification. Also how hard it is to make a definitive analysis of a single photo. I'm getting permission right now to post a couple of real Squatch pics. Sorry for the confusion and disappointment of it not being a Squatch."

Well of course there was confusion, if you spend all your time searching for Bigfoot and post something that you "promise is a legit photo," that's what people are going to think you mean! Did he actually think it was one? We don't know. Also I never heard anything else about those "couple of real sasquatch pics."

So should we trust Moneymaker when he shows us this "real" sasquatch pic and then is a jerk to anyone who isn't quite convinced? Has he done any examination? How can he prove it is real? It's just another blurry Bigfoot photo, that happens to have an uncanny similarity to a Bigfoot costume…

It honestly wouldn't surprise me that much if it was fake and MM knew it. Out of the Finding Bigfoot crew, Cliff is the one I would trust.


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