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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Windfarns Scared off Nessie, Investigator Says

There haven't been that many sightings of the Loch Ness Monster this year (or last year either, I believe) and that stupidly has lots of people thinking Nessie is "dead" or has just disappeared.

A new theory as to why, exactly, Nessie seems to be gone has appeared, as the Inverness Courier reports:

"A staunch fan of the Loch Ness monster has put a new spin on her lack of recent appearances.
"Mikko Takala reckons that the major tourist attraction is keeping her head down because of the many wind turbine blades that are whirling in the hills around her lair.
"The 49-year-old believes vibrations through the bedrock could either be scaring the beast or annoying her so much she is sulking. Mr Takala, a software designer who lives at Bunloit overlooking the loch and runs the Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, has joined locals concerned at so many wind farms being approved in the scenic Inverness-shire hills, fearing they will soon circle the world-famous loch with a ring of steel.
"'I have noticed that as the wind farms crept closer and closer, there has been an appreciable decline in sightings,' he said.
"'I would say there has been an 80 per cent decline in the past five years.
"'There are also vibrations from two large pumping stations for hydro schemes at Foyers and now a new one near Fort Augustus. I am hopeful that she is just keeping her head down and will get used to the vibrations.'"
You scared Nessie? Well… maybe!

Now, while this may seem like a theory, it may actually make sense. If there are creatures in Loch Ness vibrations in the ground might disturb them. In the 1930s, when a new road was being built along the side of the loch (where there were subsequently many Nessie sightings from), workers used explosives and reported that as they were doing this, they saw strange shapes in the water. Could the same thing be happening now, but instead of showing themselves, the monsters of the loch are hiding?

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