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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mothman Festival is this Weekend

The 14th Annual Mothman Festival is happening in Point Pleasant, West Virginia this weekend!

There will be lots of stuff going on and there will also be 13 great speakers talking about cyrptozoology, paranormal stuff, UFOs, and of course Mothman!!!

Here's a speaker list:

  • Sharon Shull & Dottie Campbell, friends and family of Mary Hyre
  • Bill Brock, cryptozoologist, Monsters Underground
  • Stan Gordon, cryptid/UFO investigator and author
  • Fred Saluga, UFO researcher
  • Ken Gerhard, cryptozoologist, author, Missing in Alaska
  • Neal Parks, paranormal author
  • Joedy Cook, cryptozoologist, author
  • Rosemary Ellen Guiley, paranormal investigator and author
  • Susan Sheppard, author
  • John Frick, paranormal investigator
  • Lyle Blackburn, cryptozoologist, author, musician
  • Chad Lambert, comic creator
Saturday's speakers

There will be lots of other things going on, like a 5-K, tours of the TNT Area, hayrides, Mothman Movie Night, and lots of other stuff! Also be sure to check out the Mothman Museum!

You can find out more about the Mothman Festival here. 

Be sure to head down to the festival this weekend if you can… Maybe I'll make it down there someday!

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