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Friday, September 25, 2015

A Manifestation of Monsters - Reviewing Karl Shuker's Unusual Suspects

A few weeks ago, I got Karl Shuker's newest, 22nd book A Manifestation of Monsters: Examining the (Un)Usual Suspects. 
Awesome front cover!

Back cover

Shuker's book was inspired by a painting entitled "Cryptids" by Michael J. Smith. The amazing painting shows 17 awesome cryptids -

  • TOP ROW: Loch Ness Monster, giant squid, giant moa, Mokele - Mbembe
  • SECOND ROW:  Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil
  • THIRD ROW: Skunk Ape, Dogman, pterosaur, reptoid
  • FOURTH ROW: thylacine, Chupacabras, dodo
  • BOTTOM ROW: Mongolian Death Worm, Comoros coelacanth, Mexican mini-chupacbara
Michael J. Smith's painting "Cryptids"

The book starts off with a foreword by Texan cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard (who is also the author of some great books and host of the TV show Missing in Alaska).

Shuker covers many more cryptids than those featured on the cover, and has lots of information that has never been published in a cryptozoology book before. Some subjects include: a possible mention of the Mongolian Death Worm in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, giant eels, the Camp Fircom Caddy Carcass, Nandi Bears, the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, Chupacabras, cryptid lizards, the Gloso and Nattravnen, possible Skunk Ape-like creatures in China, a giant mystery mantis, thylacines, moas, coelacanth, mystery frogs and toads, the "Dead Bigfoot Photo," and still many, many other things!

Lots of material in this book is stuff you won't be able to find in any other cryptozoology book. And, like always, Shuker does a great job of gathering all the information and putting it in a great book. Just like the Menagerie of Marvels, A Manifestation of Monsters is now one of my favorite books on cryptozoology, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. It seems like Shuker's books just keep getting better and better - and he has another on the Loch Ness Monster coming out soon! Expect to see a review of that one in the future, too!

You can also get this great book on Amazon. If you like cryptozoology, it is not to be missed!

Check out Karl's blog!

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