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Thursday, September 24, 2015

More New Missing in Alaska

History Channel 2 (H2) will be airing another marathon of Missing in Alaska Saturday, September 26, and will be airing three new episodes.

Here's what Ken Gerhard said on Cryptomundo:

"This Saturday, September 26th - H2 Network will be running another MISSING IN ALASKA marathon… starting @ 6pm EST. In addition to replaying the three episodes that debuted recently, they will be premiering brand new episodes with topics including - Malevolent mermaids known as the Qualupalik and the Kushtaka, a shapeshifting 'otter man.' A third mystery episode will either address vengeful spirits, or perhaps one of my favorite topics, Thunderbirds! Please share."
I hope they show an episode on thunderbirds!

Be sure to check out Missing in Alaska this Saturday, Sept. 26, on History Channel 2 (H2)!

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