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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Most Impressive Bigfoot Footage Ever… Or Not.

I saw some more on the supposed "Most Impressive Bigfoot Footage Ever" posted by Bigfoot Evidence on Cryptomundo the other day….

This video is fake, but I wanted to post about it again because I wanted to share some comments from Cryptomundo.

DWA Says:

"Most imoreWHA???????  One might need to look up some totally obscure footage taken by a couple cowboys named Roger and Bob."

PhotoExpert Says:

"Most impressive Bigfoot footage ever? NO WAY! But it does get my vote for the LEAST IMPRESSIVE Bigfoot footage ever."

I've seen worse, PhotoExpert.

Cryptokellie says:

"A call for subscribers. The Bigfoot figure is CGI folks."

Insanity had something about the man who supposedly caught the thing on film, a Ronald Von Beringe:

"I feel his bio may be a bit suspect. Which schools may I ask?  
"'I am Ronald Von Beringe, better known in the scientific community as 'The Naturalist.' I am a PHD and Master's degree holder in anthropology, biology, zoology and cryptozoology; an alum of schools on all 8 continents (including Madagascar.) Great grandson of Robert Von Beringe and Mata Hari."

1. You can't get a degree in cryptozoology. That's why all the cryptozoologists like Loren Coleman, Lyle Blackburn, Linda Godfrey, etc. have other jobs!
2.  I can't find anything on the guy on the Cryptomundo post or on the video description. I looked him up, and just found stuff that was all pretty much "Is the Robert Von Beringe Footage Real or Not?" I did find something about a Friedrich Robert von Beringe, a German army officer, but he lived from 1865 to 1940, so I doubt it was him who filmed a fake Bigfoot! He did, however, shoot the first two specimens of  the eastern gorilla. 

This footage is fake, folks.

The Patterson-Gimlin film is still the most impressive Bigfoot footage ever, and probably always will be.

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