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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Frogmen of Loveland

Loveland, Ohio, is said to be home to some freaky frogs.

These cryptids are called the Loveland Frogmen, obviously after the town where they were seen. They have only been spotted a few times, but each time, the descriptions were the same. Lets dive deeper into the mystery of the Loveland Frogmen.
The star is Loveland, location of the sightings


The first sightings of the Loveland Frogmen occurred in the year 1955. Robert Hunicutt was the first witness, and saw not one, but three frog-folk standing under a bridge at 3:30 in the morning. The said they were three feet tall, had "lopsided chests," wide, lipless mouths, and wrinkles on their heads instead of hair. One of the beings held a rod-shaped device above its head. The device shot out sparks. Hunicutt watched the things for about three minutes, and noticed a "smell like fresh cut alfalfa, with a trace of almonds" during that time.

Two months after Hunicutt's sighting, Emily Mangone and her husband woke up to the sound of their dog barking in the backyard. They went out side to see just what it was barking at, and saw a three-foot tall being that they said was "covered in twigs and foliage." When the yard lights were turned back on, the thing left, but it returned after they were shut off.

Those two sightings started the   of the Loveland Frogmen. But there were more sightings to come in later years.


The next sighting of a frogman took place on March 3, 1972. Police officer Ray Shockey spotted the creature sitting in the middle of the road at 1 AM. At first he thought it was a dog, but when it stood up, he realized it was something very different.

Shockey said the creature was three to five feet tall, had a face like a frog's, leathery skin, and probably weighed about 75 pounds. After spotting Shockey, the thing jumped over a guardrail and ran down into the Little Miami River.
Loveland Frogman

Shockey reported his sighting and returned with another officer two hours later. They found an area where something (presumably the frogman) had slid down the embankment from the road into the river.

Another police officer, Mark Mathews, spotted one of the things two weeks later. He also saw it sitting in the road. He stopped his car and got out to investigate, and when he did, the thing stood up on two legs. It started moving slowly towards the guardrail, stepping over it, and keeping its eyes on Mathews the whole time. Mathews fired a shot at the creature, but missed.

Some sources say that a farmer riding a bicycle saw one of the frogmen in 1972, but there is no other information with that report, so who knows if it's true.

Another farmer supposedly saw four of the frogmen while working in his field, also in 1972. He said they had greenish-gray skin, large, circular eyes, and mouths lined with sharp teeth. He watched them until they walked towards the river and disappeared into the brush.


There are a few other reports of sightings of the Loveland Frogmen after 1972.

In 1999, a witness reported seeing a "big green thing" in the Little Miami River.
The Little Miami River, location of the frogman sightings

On July 4, 2002, Jude Tillery and a friend, Johnny H., reported seeing a "big frog-looking' dude" walk out of the river. He said it raided their food and then left. It is most likely that this report is a hoax. Tillery and his friends had alcohol and were most likely drunk. (He said Johnny sprouted "lots of warts" after the encounter.)

There are no other reports of the Loveland Frogmen, so now we will delve into what they could be.


First, we will see what all the witness descriptions have in common, excluding Jude Tillery's account, as it is most likely a hoax.

Two witnesses said the frogmen were three feet tall, and one said three to five feet. The other accounts do not have heights. Two said they had large mouths, and one of those witnesses said the mouths were lined with sharp teeth.

Skin has been described as greenish-gray, leathery, and "covered in twigs and leaves." Robert Hunicutt said they had wrinkles on their heads instead of hair. All detailed accounts said the things walked on only two legs.

What exactly are they?

Years after Mark Mathews reported his encounter, when asked about the story, he said he did not see a four-foot frogman, but a lizard! He said he fired at the lizard in hopes of validating Shockey's story.

Did he really only see a lizard, or did he actually see a frogman and just change his story to avoid ridicule? I would go with the latter option. Ray Shockey was also ridiculed about his sighting, and after a while just stopped talking about it.

We may never know what the frogmen really were. They remain one of the many mysteries of cryptozoology.

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