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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition coming to Destination America Sept. 19

Mountain Monsters had a "Bigfoot Edition," and now Alaska Monsters has one, too.

Bigfoot is popular on TV. Finding Bigfoot has been around since 2011, and earlier this year, Destination America's most popular series, Mountain Monsters, had a Bigfoot Edition. Now it isn't the only Monster hunting show with one.

Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition will be premiering on Saturday, September 19 on Destination America.

Alaska Monsters premiered September 12, 2014 on Destination America. Each episode, the team of monster hunters, the Midnight Sons, go after some sort of cryptid in the "Alaska Triangle", pretty much in the same style as Mountain Monsters. In the first season, they went after things such as the "White Death"(a giant, white saber-toothed cat), the kushtakaa (also called the otter man on the show), several Bigfoots, the "saber wolf" (a big 'ol wolf) and the "northern giant" (a giant bear, if I remember correctly.)

Just like Mountain Monsters, the Alaska version is staged. So, who knows what will happen when they go after a bunch of Bigfoots. Mountain Monsters had some crazy stuff happen, I can't imagine what that'll be like in Alaska!

Be sure to check out Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition September 19 on Destination America.


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