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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updated: Creature Weekend is this Saturday!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: John "Trapper" Tice of Mountain Monsters is no longer able to come to Creature Weekend because he is in the hospital. Please wish him a speedy recovery! Buck will also not be there, but the other four AIMS Team members will be, and they will still be speaking.

The 4th annual Creature Weekend is at Salt Fork State Park this weekend. Speakers for the event are listed below:

Chad Arment
Chad Arment has been investigating cryptozoology for over 20 years. He operates Coachwhip Publications and is author of the books Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation, The Historical Bigfoot, Varmints, and Boss Snakes. He will be giving a presentation on lesser-known cryptids at the Friday night dinner and will discuss Mystery cats on Saturday.

Nick Redfern
Nick Redfern is also a cryptozoologist from Texas who has written many, many books on strange subjects, including Monsters of Texas(with Ken Gerhard), The Real Men in Black, Wildman!, Man-Monkey, Monster Files, and many others. He writes for Cyrptomundo and Mysterious universe as well as his blog Nick Redfern's World of Whatever. He has investigated many cryptid sightings, including chupacabras, mystery cats in the UK, and lake monsters in the US. 

 Cast of Mountain Monsters
Each week trapper and the rest of the AIMS team hunt some of the most dangerous monsters in Appalachia, including the Devil Dogs, Snallygaster, Sheepsquatch, Grassman, Mothman, Lizard Demon, and many more. Huckleberry, Jeff, Wild Bill, and Willy will be speaking at Creature Weekend. 

Bill Brock

Bill Brock is a cryptozoologist who has researched Sasquatch and other mysteries for many years. He is the team leader on the TV show Monsters Underground. He recently went on a 10 day road trip in the Ohio valley in search of cryptids and is working on a documentary about his Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip across the country. 

There will be a VIP dinner (Bill Brock will be doing a special presentation at that) and a Meet-and-Greet Friday night and the actual conference is on Saturday. There will also be a Mountain Monsters Safari after the conference. There'll probably be a lot of vendors at the conference, too. If you can make it down to Salt Fork State Park this weekend be sure to check out Creature Weekend! You can check out the video on the event below.