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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts"

There's a new Mountain Monsters on tomorrow, and its the season finale of Bigfoot Edition. The episode will be "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts." The AIMS Team is returning to Ashe County, North Carolina, to once again go after the Cherokee Devil that has mind-control powers and messed with the minds of Buck and Huckleberry last week.

Here's the episode description:

"The AIMS team go back to Ashe County, NC to hunt the "Cherokee Devil", a savage Bigfoot that has already scarred members of the team. As the mission continues the biggest rift in AIMS history erupts and some members debate hanging up their gear for good."

This episode sounds like it will be a good one! Lets just hope the 'ol Cherokee Devil doesn't get control of 'ol Wild Bill…… THAT would be BAD. : )
Monster broke out? NO! That never happens…..

Be sure to tune in to Destination America tomorrow at 10 PM to check out Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition. 

The Cherokee Devil
image from Cryptomundo