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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The "Dead Bigfoot" that was never a Bigfoot at all: Karl Shuker has exposed the Truth behind the "Dead Bigfoot Photo"

If you have looked up Bigfoot on the internet before, you have probably seen the image that was supposed to show a dead Bigfoot that is shown below.
The "Dead Bigfoot" photo

The photo first appeared when it was sent to Cryptomundo in 2006. Craig Woolheater posted about it at the time, and Loren Coleman did, too. It even made its way onto the cover of Teddy Roosevelt: Sasquatch Hunter(he actually did write about Bigfoot in his book Wilderness Hunter.) 

When you look at the "Dead Bigfoot Photo" you can tell its an obvious fake. Now, Karl Shuker has found the source of the image - an old postcard. Now, the mystery of the photos that has been in the Bigfoot world for almost 10 years in solved.
Karl Shuker: zoologist, cryptozoologist,
blogger on ShukerNature, and author of
many great books
image: Karl

You can check out Karl's article on the "dead Bigfoot" on ShukerNature.