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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual: Another New Cryptozoology Book

There really are a lot of new cryptozoology books coming out in 2015. The Oregon Bigfoot Highway came out recently, Strange Creatures Seldom Seen comes out tomorrow, and now there's The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual.

The book is written by David George Gordon. Here's the description from Amazon:

"Bestselling writer and naturalist David George Gordon delves into the remarkable history of one of the most iconic creatures of the Pacific Northwest: Sasquatch. This new field guide introduces readers to the Sasquatch, also popularly known as Bigfoot in nature, in myth, an in modern culture. Gordon explores folklore, testimonies and evidence, and modern day encounters. He pieces together the species' physical features, behavior, and habitat, and suggests a critical thinking approach to the facts surrounding Sasquatch. 
Whether or not you are the one to discover Sasquatch, The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual will help you become a better observer of nature, more knowledgeable data-gatherer, and skilled in basic tracking and wilderness navigation. Becoming a proficient citizen scientist is a step toward bringing this creature into the spotlight of the scientific community. And along the way The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual will give you a deeper appreciation for the impact it has had on our daily life, ranging from Sasquatch garden pavers to frozen Yeti Yogurt. "
You can buy the book on Amazon.