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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crypto April Fools Jokes in 2015

Last year we had Nessie the alien squid….

Craig Woolheater posted on Cryptomundo today the april fools jokes he discovered yesterday, both involving Bigfoot. : (

Both said Bigfoot has been confirmed to be real, the first saying  the government is keeping it under wraps to protect it because it is running out of habitat, the second saying "Bigfoot FOUND" in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory. The story claimed that a photographer got a photo of Bigfoot. The picture is below.

Really? Who would be dumb enough to think that's real?

"Dead Bigfoot: A True Story" was also released on YouTube yesterday, of all days. What's it about? Simple: Justin Smeja and his claim that he shot and killed TWO Bigfoots, thus having the physical evidence to prove they are real after all! But, what did he do? He buried the bodies and left them because he didn't want to get in trouble. Seriously? You would have the zoological find of the century(if not all of history), and you leave the bodies and don't tell anyone? I have also heard Smeja talk on multiple shows about Bigfoot, and his story has been different on a few of them. You know what that says to me? Hoax.

Maybe the documentary was meant to be serious, but I still think Justin Smeja is a liar.