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Friday, April 24, 2015

Scott Carpenter: Bigfoot, Dogman, and More

Scott Carpenter is a blogger online(you can check out his blog here), and author of some books on cryptozoology, including The Bigfoot Field Journal and Dogman: The Monsters are Real. 

I'm going to be meeting Scott in September. I haven't read any of his books, but have looked at some of his online stuff. And, it always seems that he has some new photo of Bigfoot or a Dogman. In his latest post(as of right now, April 24, 2015) that was published on the 22nd, he claims to have filmed a bigfoot in a national park. The post before that: April 14th, he had a "gut feeling", and photographed a Bigfoot. The post before that: March 25th, he claimed to have, yet again, filmed a Bigfoot, this time in "stealth mode." Some researchers think Bigfoot can go into a stealth mode - virtually the ultimate camouflage. I can't find the stealth video on the YouTube search on Blogger, but you can watch it here. 

Now, I'm not saying here that Scott is a liar. I'm just saying that some of his stuff seems a little too good to be true. It seems that he sees a Bigfoot or Dogman every time he goes out into the woods. Maybe he is just the reseacher who thinks that every little sound in the woods is a Bigfoot. Seriously, if it was that easy to see them, everyone would, and they would have been "proven" to be real years ago. I would see one every time I go to areas where they're seen. I have gone to places, most notably Salt Fork State Park, where Bigfoots live. Have I ever seen a Bigfoot? No, I haven't.

Again, I'm not saying Scott fakes anything. I'm just saying he might turn things that aren't bigfoot or Dogman into a bigfoot or a Dogman. I'll have to get his books sometime, and I'm meeting him in September, so maybe my views will change.