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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Review: Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine by Daniel S. Green

Shadows in the Woods came out about a month ago, and anyone who looks at this blog with any frequency has probably seen some of my earlier posts about it.

I thought this book looked pretty good when I first got it, and this is my review.

Shadows in the Woods is written by Daniel S. Green and was published by Coachwhip Publications. Pretty much the whole books is about Bigfoot history in Maine, although there is some about sightings in other states in the northeast. One chapter deals specifically with "wild man" sightings, some of which could be Bigfoot, but many of which actually sound like actual wild MEN. Most of these stories are from the 1800s. Another chapter deals with sightings of Bigfoot creatures, from the 1800s until 2010 in Maine. Some chapters discuss Bigfoot in Maine popular culture, Bigfoot researchers in Maine, Bigfoot in Maine literature, etc. Things discussed in these chapters include old books mentioning Bigfoot like beings, places and things like the International Cryptozoology Museum, and researchers like Bill Brock, Michael Merchant, and Loren Coleman.

All in all, I thought this books was quite good and defiantly recommend it to people interested in Bigfoot, especially if you live in Maine.

You can buy the book here.