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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "The John Keel Files Special"

It's Wednesday, and that means there's a new Monsters and Mysteries in America on tonight! The episode is the "John Keel Files Special" and will be all about John Keel and Mothman stuff. It should be pretty good! Here's the episode description:

"In the late 1960s the town of Point Pleasant, West Viginia is besieged by a series of monstrous creatures, blood-seeking UFOs, and mysterious men in black. Two reporters seek answers, culminating in one of the deadliest disasters in U.S. history."

This episode will be all about the strange happenings in Pt. Pleasant in the late '60s, during the moth man scare. For those who may not know, during the mothman sightings time there were also lots of reports of UFOs around Pt. Pleasant,  as well as encounters with men in black, which were already featured on an episode of Monsters and Mysteries this season.

I think this episode will be pretty interesting, because I've been to the town before.

Be sure to tune in to Destination America and check out Monsters and Mysteries in America, tonight at 10 PM!