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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is this a Mystery Critter, or a Sun Bear with Mange?

Recently a video appeared on YouTube that shows some sort of animal that was caught in Shenzhen Reservoir, in China. Just to keep things kind of organized, in this post I will call the animal "the critter." Here's the description of the video on YouTube:

"Mystery creature chews through cage
An alien-like creature fished out of a toxic river or a neglected beat: What IS this scary looking beast which can chew through its steel cage?
The disturbing video was uploaded last week by Raymond Yeung
The description claims it was captured in China's Shenzhen Reservoir
The video has sparked online debates over the species of the creature 
Some have claimed the hairless animal is  a mythical 'water monster'
Others believe it is a Malaysian bear suffering from a skin disease

Here's the video:

I first saw it when it was posted on Bigfoot Evidence this morning as a "mystery creature chewing through a cage." The post started off with: "This is disturbing." It went on to say: "some say this hairless animal is a mythical water monster, others say its a mangy bear."

Well, it definitely isn't a mythical water monster.

Shenzhen location
Are where sun bears live

The "critter" seems to me to be a sun bear with mange. The creature was caught in Shenzhen Reservoir, which is very close to where the sun bear lives. It wouldn't be impossible for one to be there.

Also, the head and ears match, and so do the claws on the feet.

A sun bear

Screen shot from the video showing the animals head
that looks like a sun bear
Edited by me
Sun bear claws

screenshot of the Claws of the animal in the video
edited by me

I'm saying this "mystery critter" is just a sun bear with mange. I do hope they let the poor thing go.

this isn't the only time this year a regular animal has been mistaken for something weird… the same thing happened with some dead "chupacabras" a few months ago.