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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Survivorman Bigfoot This Friday!

Survivorman: Bigfoot came out about a year ago. In the first two episodes, Survivorman Les Stroud was with Todd Standing(not the guy I would have picked) and was in Canada looking for Sasquatch.

Over the last year Les has been filming some more Bigfoot episodes in different places in the United States, including California and Texas(squatchy states!) and with different Bigfoot researchers. Les also apparently has some interesting trail cam footage that will be shown on the show. Maybe he found Bigfoot? Here's what he had posted on Facebook about it:

"so in going over our 'trail camera' footage for one of the Survivorman Bigfoot episodes we found something we didn't expect and can not explain - it will be in the show and I will leave it up to you to decided - its freaking all of us at Les Stroud Productions out….L"

I really want to see what they got now. : )

Who else is excited for some more Survivorman: Bigfoot? I'm really looking forward to the new ones; the first two are some of my favorite Bigfoot shows ever, because the stuff happening is real, and its not staged just so you can see some creature. Les actually goes out and tries to look at Bigfoot evidence, and, if he doesn't see a Bigfoot, he doesn't see a Bigfoot. He moves on. Les is an awesome dude. Maybe he'll be the person to find Bigfoot.

Survivorman: Bigfoot season premier is this Friday on the Science Channel at 9 PM. Be sure to check it out!

You can watch the trailer for the season below.