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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who is Todd Standing, And Can He Find Bigfoot?

There's been a lot on bigfoot/cryptozoology blogs lately about Todd Standig. He's going to be speaking at the Sasquatch Summit this weekend and apparently that has angered people.

Todd is also trying to raise $900,000 for a bigfoot documentary! For those who may not know who Todd Standing is, he claims he has filmed bigfoot multiple times, a couple of times he got clear shots of the faces of the creatures. He was on Finding bigfoot once and was also on Survivorman Bigfoot. Most people don't believe standing, though, And I am one of those people. I just betcha that all of his Bigfoots in his videos are CGI.

I don't believe Todd Standing.

For more on what is going on with him, check out the links below.

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