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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cryptids of the Week: 2/8-214, 2015

Welcome to the 11th  Cryptids of the Week! These are the cryptids chosen for the week of Feb. 8-14, 2015.


Many probably don't think that a Bigfoot-like creature would be seen in Australia, but there actually is! This creature has many names like just about any other man-like cryptids, and used to be called "yahoo", which meant devil. Just like with Ogopogo, the name was changed to Yowie so it would sound nicer. The first sighting of a Yowie may have occured as long ago as the 1700s, and sightings have continued to this day.
There is a book out on The subject called The Yowie and the Finding Bigfoot team also did an expedition to search for this mysterious critter. See other Yowie posts on this blog here and here.

Phantom Dogs

Mysterious black dogs may or may not be of interest to Cryptozoologists. Some think these dogs are ghosts, demons, or something else of the sort. They are seen all over the world, and the one that is probably the best known is spotted in England and is called Black Shuck.  Black Shuck is usually described as a big black dog, with flaming eyes(sometimes there is only one eye.) Sometimes Shuck is said to be headless, and sometimes it is surrounded by mist or is seen floating. In 1577, Black Shuck was said to have appeared at a church in Blythburg, England. Some connect him to a demon. Some other phantom dogs, unlike Shuck, are not black, and some are said to be white, like the Gally-Trot, or "Dog of Death."

Phantom Dog
Those are the Cryptids I chose for this week. Phantom Devil Dogs might not be what you would expect around Valentines Day, but hey, tomorrow's Friday the 13th.