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Sunday, July 5, 2015

No New Finding Bigfoot Tonight

Finding Bigfoot has been postponed because of the holiday weekend.

Next Sunday, July 12, there will be two new back-to-back episodes of Finding Bigfoot - "The Best Little Bigfoot in Texas" in Texas and "Bigfoot State of Mind" in New York for the season finale. Afterwards, at 11PM, the Bigfoot Movie Williw Creek will be on Animal Planet.

But wait! What about Finding Bigfoot's episode at the International Cryptozoology Museum? That one didn't air!

Here's the episode description for the new Finding Bigfoot's:

"The Best Little Bigfoot in Texas - The team returns to the Lone Star State to investigate new evidence of a Bigfoot trackway. Confident a juvenile Bigfoot made the tracks, they serve up a true Texas BBQ, fix in' to prove juvenile sasquatches are messing with Texas."

"Bigfoot State of Mind - The team traverses the Adirondacks of New York to investigate Whitehall where an area bigfoot expert recounts historic sightings and reveals recent reports. The team enlists the help of local police, hoping the men in blue can catch a fugitive bigfoot."

Be sure to check out Finding Bigfoot and Willow Creek next Sunday, July 12, starting a 9 PM on Animal Planet.

Shark Week starts on the Discovery Channel tonight, though. I wonder if they'll have any fake "documentaries" this year?

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