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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finding Bigfoot is having a Maine Town Hall meeting at the International Cryptozoology Museum

FB Team: Ranae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker,
and Cliff Barackman

Finding Bigfoot is currently filming another season, and in April they will be in Maine. There town hall meeting sounds like its gonna be a good one - they're having it at the International Cryptozoology Museum!

Loren Coleman, cryptozoologist, author, and director of the ICM is looking for witnesses to have at the event. He's not letting everyone in, though. He's only letting people in that he feels have had legitimate sightings, and he will screen them in advance before the meeting. He's trying to get a group of about 25 people within a two hour radius of Portland, where the International Cryptozoology Museum is located.

If you live in Maine and have seen a Bigfoot within 2 hours of Portland, contact Loren and maybe you'll be able to get in!
Loren Coleman, ICM Director, with a friend : )