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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Werewolves in Ohio


Several young boys reported encountering a Dogman near Niles, Ohio in the late 1980s. During the first sighting, a boy and his friend, who were both around 12 years old, were playing in a field near the boy's home when they saw a strange figure running towards them through the trees. They took off towards the boy's house.

In the second sighting a few years later, a teenager on the opposite side of town saw a "large dark figure" following him. The figure would move from tree to tree, peeking around at him. When the creature realized that the boy had noticed it, it began running towards him. Like the other witnesses, the boy ran out of the area.


Two people driving to West Virginia from Marietta on December 11, 2003, spotted a strange creature looking at them from beside the highway. The creature "looked like a cross between a deer and a bear" and stood about six-and-a-half feet tall. The witnesses said it had extremely thin legs that "almost looked unstable holding up its huge body." The torso, neck and head of the creature were covered in long black fur, but the legs were not. The witnesses could not see the creature's feet because it was standing in two-inch tall grass.

The creature had large, red eyes and a snout that was long and slender. It watched the witnesses as they drove by.


In 2004, a fisherman saw an "extremely hairy person" hunched over behind a bush. Before he left the man saw the creature's face, which he said looked "like a mix between a dog and a human."


A witness driving in a very isolated, forested, and hilly area in Trumbull County on the night of March 1, 2006, saw a very large "creature or animal" in his headlights. The creature was on all fours, and the witness guessed that it was about six feet long from head to rump (not counting its bushy tail). The creature was at least three feet high when on all fours.

The creature jumped into a ditch, and the witness stopped and shined his headlights at it. He said was a "beautiful" gray and white color and had a face like that of a wolf. The creature did not make any threatening moves, but the witness said that he felt the thing "looked inside of him." The creature ran into the woods and disappeared.

This post is excerpted from my book The Ohio Monster Guidebook: A Look at the Buckeye State's Most Mysterious Creatures. I am done proofing the book and am planning on editing the final draft next week.

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