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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Snake Watch In Westbrook

Officials in Westbrook, Maine will keep an eye open for Wessie the snake today.

The Major League Triathlon race is being held today in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook. The Portland Press Herald says that "Organizers of Saturday's Major League Triathlon race aren't concerned about prior sightings of a giant snake dubbed Wessie, but monitors in Westbrook will keep an eye on the water just in case."

Since late June, sightings of the giant snake dubbed "Wessie" have been reported along the river in Maine. Since then Wessie has had t-shirts made, a beer named after it, and the news has spread across the country. In August a 12-foot snakeskin was found that turned out to be from an anaconda. It is unknown if it is really from Wessie or if it was planted as a hoax.
Anaconda skin found along the Presumpscot River
on August 20th

New T-shirts that say "I Survived Wessie" are being sold at the race today. The CEO of Major League Triathlon, Daniel Cassidy, and his wife Sarah are using Wessie to promote the race by awarding the winners with a 4-foot stuffed anaconda.
"I Survived Wessie" shirt
(Portland Press Herald)

Lifeguards will be on the riverbanks and have kayaks to keep an eye out for the mystery snake.

Some participants have expressed concerns about the snake, but not 68 year old Mike Lynch. He said: "I don't really have a problem with swimming in the river. I don't like snakes, no question about it, but I think a snake would flee if it saw a human. With 180 people in the water, Wessie will be going the other way."

"I can guarantee that these athletes will never forget that they swam with Wessie," organizer Daniel Cassidy said.

I wonder if there will be any sightings of the snake today?



Apparently there weren't any sightings of Wessie yesterday, the Portland Press Herald reports.

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