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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Life of a Bigfoot Hunter

The Seattle Met has a new article on their website titled "The Secret Lives of Bigfoot Hunters."

It starts out like this:

"Lit only by moonlight in the Tennessee woods, Ranae Holland cups her hands around her mouth and emits a guttural, horrifying shriek, something halfway between the scream of a cougar and the scream of a person being disemboweled by a cougar.
"Then she falls silent and reclines on a fallen cedar, the tentacles of exposed roots her backrest, her long legs bracing her into total stillness. She knows how not to scare an animal, a skill earned doing veterinary care on snow leopards and counting fish in bear country. She sits still and she waits for sasquatch to answer.
"More than 2,000 miles away, a week later and in broad daylight, Derek Randles forces open a motion-activated game camera, a paperback-size camo box that hunters use to spot game. He retrieves an SD card encoded with half a year of recordings and descends through the waxy salal ground cover that blankets the Olympic Peninsula.
"At 50, his stocky frame moves back to civilization through the underbrush  with the grace of a teenager. Somewhere on this card, he hopes, is the world's first undisputed image of a bigfoot.
"Holland, a field biologist by training, is a professional sasquatch researcher, dutifully undergoing a cross-country hunt on one of Animal Planet's highest-rated TV shows. Randles is an amateur who leads a small volunteer army of date-hungry autodidacts. 
"Holland is a skeptic. Randles is a believer. Finding bigfoot defines both of their lives."

See the rest of the article here.


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