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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Killing Bigfoot: The Series

In 2014, the TV special Killing Bigfoot premiered on Destination America. Now, the GCBRO has a TV series. It's premiering on the Travel + Escape Network in Canada at 9 PM tonight. It will soon be airing on Destination America in the United States.

A video has been posted to YouTube by gryphonfilms that supposedly shows a Bigfoot caught on a GoPro camera during the filming of the show. Watch it below.

Here's the video description:

"Shows behind the scenes of the Killing Bigfoot series- now playing on Travel and Escape Canada (T+E) and coming soon to Destination America- in the US.
"Shows events leading up to - GOPRO capture of bipedal creature walking in Louisiana woods.
"Cast and crew back at camp. No people in the area, and few that would hide behind trees knowing GCBRO's reputation. They are not hunting here- they only hunt on private property. They are searching for clues and had the Go-Pro Running- so this footage was captured by chance. Only 2 researchers and cameraman in woods. This was not staged."

 What do they mean by "few that would hide behind trees knowing GCBRO's reputation?"

Do you think that's a Bigfoot?


  1. I think that someone should zoom in and stabilize the footage, everything is moving too much to be able to see anything really.
    On a side note, I detest the idea that we should kill a Bigfoot in order to prove they exist. If they really are as intelligent as they seem to be, it would almost be like killing a human. Also if we do end up killing one, it should not be done by rednecks on a television show.

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  3. If they did kill a Bigfoot (which they probably won't), and it did turn out to be some type of human, they could be charged with murder.
    Some rednecks and a camera crew won't ever kill any Bigfoot - let alone get close enough to one to do so. If they did shoot one they'd probably just make it mad.

    1. Well, I would disagree with that. If it is an unknown animal at the time of its death, how could they be charged with anything? If they were unaware that it was human-like in intellect and comprehension, I don't think they would have legal action taken against them. It is that way with animals that are unknown to science that would be labeled endangered.
      Bigfoot also would likely not be considered to be a human, even if it turns out to be a modern day neanderthal, it would be considered to be an extremely close relative of humans but not a human itself

    2. I guess we'll just have to wait and see until the day comes when science gets a body - hopefully a naturally dead one.