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Bigfoot Statue Moved from Grave

Recently, a Bigfoot statue that was placed at the gravesite of a 23-year-old named Trevor Zuniga, who died in January. Trevor loved Bigfoot, so his uncle bought the statue and they put it at his grave instead of a headstone.

Now, the statue has been moved. Why? Find out below. reports:

"CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) - The hunt for Bigfoot has come to Champion Township. A 4-foot statue was removed Tuesday from Champion Township Cemetery. The statue was placed next to the grave of Trevor Zuniga, 23, of Bristoville. According to an online tribute, Zuniga died January 28 due to complications from Muscular Dystrophy.
"Trevor's uncle bought the statue because his nephew was fond of the Big Foot myth. Trevor's mother Kathy Zuniga said she understands that Bigfoot is just a stature but it brought her comfort.
"'It is something that we know as Trevor. It is something that he really liked, the family knew he liked. We all associated him with Trevor,' Zuniga said. 'He was somebody who was there, and I could come and talk to and I could touch him. He was somebody who was there with Trevor.'
"Champion Township Sexton Chris Connelly said the township contacted the family and asked them to remove the statue. When it was still standing three weeks later, the township moved the statue to an area behind a utility garage.
"'There were a lot of complaints, but it was removed because there wasn't a footer,' Connelly said.
"The complaints came from a family who has a grave near Bigfoot and didn't like the backside of the statue facing the gravesite of their loved one. The Zuniga family offered to make a loincloth to wrap around the statue.
"Trevor's family acknowledges the rules that a footer and headstone need to go along with the Bigfoot statue, and they were working to fund them.
I say they should let the family keep the statue at the grave of their loved one. For the people who complained about the "backside of the statue facing the gravesite of their loved one," well, the next time they run into a Sasquatch they can ask him why he isn't wearing clothes like a human.

The story was updated on WKBN yesterday:

"CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) - The decision on whether to leave an unusual grave memorial in Champion continues Monday.
"Last week, WKBN reported about a family who wants to keep a Bigfoot statue at their son's grave in the township cemetery, and not everyone is happy about it.
"A few members of the Zuniga family, Township Sexton Chris Connelly and Trustee Rex Fee met at the administration building to talk one-on-one about what to do next with the statue.
"Both parties have come up with a compromise, but that compromise hasn't been released yet.
"'Both parties left feeling good about the proposition on the table, and until I have the chance to discuss it with my other two trustees, I feel I should hold back on what that proposition is,' Fee said.
"Fee says that compromise should be finalized within the next few days.
"The statue was placed next to the grave of Trevor Zuniga, 23, of Bristoville. According to an online tribute, Zuniga died January 28 due to complications from Muscular Dystrophy.
"Trevor's uncle bought the statue because his nephew was fond of the Bigfoot myth. Trevor's mother Kathy Zuniga said she understands that Bigfoot is just a statue but it brought her comfort.
"The statue was removed and now sits behind a township garage due to reported issues with a lack of footer on the statue.
"A pasta dinner is being held from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, May 1 to help defray funeral expenses for Zuniga. The dinner is being held at The Youngstown Maennerchor, located at 831 Mahoning Avenue.
"Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children. They will be sold at the door."    


  1. Dear sir, I read your article in Cryptid Seekers and I quite like your blog. I am also researcher. I would like to talk further and possibly collaborate on something. If possible, email me at

    1. Hi Colin,

      Glad you like my blog. Could chat on here if you'd like.

    2. Sure. What got you interested in the paranormal/cryptozoological world?

    3. I read The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster years ago... And the interest has spread to other unknown things over the years.


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