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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bigfoot, Black Panthers, and UFOs


In April of 1968, a family living in Salem, Ohio began to have encounters with a number of things that science will say don't exist.

"Alice Allison saw a strange object floating in the sky. The object resembled a black wingless airplane. Within a day of that occurrence, she and other family members saw a cougar prowling around their property. Sometimes they even saw it lying in their driveway! The cat left 3-inch paw prints and left six-inch scratches on a nearby tree. They heard it snarling outside of Alice's daughter's bedroom window after dark. Just like in the Minerva case, the Allisons also reported seeing a strange man-like figure  in the woods. Alice's son Bruce saw the creature running and found a place where he thought it had slept. He also blamed it for the disappearance of his cat."


 In August of 1978, some residents just outside of the town of Minerva, Ohio, reported seeing a Bigfoot-like creature, now called the Minerva Monster. That was not the only thing around their house, though…

"On August 21, at about 10:30 PM, Evelyn Cayton's family and fiends heard noises in the direction of an old chicken coop while sitting on the porch. They saw two pairs of yellow eyes reflecting in the porch light. Scott Patterson got up and turned on his car's headlights. There were two 'cougar-like' felines standing by the chicken coop. Then, a large, bipedal creature stepped in front of the cats, as if to protect them. The creature then lurched towards Patterson's car. Everyone ran into the house and someone called the Stark County Sheriff's Department. While they were waiting for the police to arrive, they saw the creature looking in the window. It stayed there for 10 minutes."

To end this post, we'll check out some reports of a black panther from California…

"On December 12, 1967, Henry Madrid saw a black panther while installing a fence around the Ventura County sewer plant in California. He kept and eye on the panther with fellow workers while the sheriff was called. The sheriffs went to the cat's location as soon as they arrived. They chased the cat towards what appeared to be a flat field, but the field was really a crust over an area of sludge. The car got stuck, and by the time a tow truck arrived, the cat was gone.
"Kenneth French and his wife saw the cat soon after that, on January 9, 1968. Kenneth watched the cat while his wife went to phone the sheriff. When she returned, the cat was gone. 'It's pretty embarrassing to have people think you go around seeing black panthers!' Mrs. French said. 'Whatever kind of black cat that was, it was bad luck.'
"The black panther in California also trapped a man on a 600-foot cliff on December 23 of the previous year. He had gone hunting for the panther, and it took rescuers four hours to get him down."

This post is excerpted from my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America, which covers many more encounters with Bigfoot, mystery cats, UFOs, and many other unexplainable things.

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