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"Beast of Whitehall" at Canton Film Fest

On April 21, the new Small Town Monsters documentary Beast of Whitehall will be playing at the Canton Film Festival in Ohio. has a new article up that is an interview with Seth Breedlove and is about the film.

It starts like this:

"'Minerva Monster,' a 55-minute documentary film about a 1978 Bigfoot scare south of Canton, inspired a Bigfoot-themed festival in downtown Minerva last june that attracted about 1,500 people and will return in September.
"Recently, a new documentary titled 'Beast of Whitehall,' this one about Bigfoot sightings in 1976 in rural Whitehall, N.Y., stirred similar enthusiasm among the townspeople of Whitehall.
"Seth Breedlove, the Bolivar native who wrote and directed both films, described the reaction in Whitehall as 'one of the craziest weekends of my life. We were expecting 100 to 200 people at the screening - in this armory that looks like a freakin' castle - and we ended up with 500. We were struggling to seat everybody. The response was insane, we got a standing ovation when it ended. We sold tons of DVDs and T-shirts.'
"The Whitehall excitement was decidedly different from the reaction Breedlove received when he arrived in town last July to do interviews with locals about the monster.
"'For us, the most surprising thing was how the community really shies away from the subject,' Breedlove recalled. 'In Ohio, they embrace Bigfoot as this fun, pop-culture kinda thing. In Whitehall, it's kinda embarrassing to them.'
"In 'Beast of Whitehall,' which runs 57 minutes, the story unfolds of long-ago Bigfoot sightings that involved three local teenage boys  and eight police officers. The film uses atmospheric camerawork, evocative music (by Brandon Dalo) and carful editing (by Breedlove) to give the documentary a feel of continual forward motion. The film is narrated by Clint Granberry, a radio producer from Dallas.
"Perhaps most memorable is when a Whitehall native recalls being on a golf course in a golf cart when his dog when he spotted a creature 'over 7 feet tall and built like a monster, with terrific shoulders and long arms… and red lines coming out of his eyes almost like laser beams.' Later, there's a reference to another sighting where a 'high-pitched pig squeal' was heard.
"'Beast of Whitehall' will be shown at 7:30 p.m. April 21 at the Palace Theatre as part of the Canton Film Festival. There will be a Q&A with Breedlove afterward. Here's Breedlove answers a few more questions."

See the rest here.

If you don't have Minerva Monster or Beast of Whitehall, you need to get them, and can right here!

Check out more about Small Town Monsters on their Facebook page or website. 


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