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Monday, April 4, 2016

Animal Discoveries and Cryptozoology

There are lots of people who don't believe that cryptids like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monsters, the Yowie, etc. don't exist. Why? It's probably because they say that they can't still be hiding somewhere in the wilderness, oceans, or lakes  of the world. But, if you look back through the history of cryptozoology, you'll see that lots of animals that were thought to only be myths at one time have turned out to be real.

Back in December of last year, I talked with Ken Gerhard while working on an article on Bigfoot on television. I also asked him what he thought about discoveries of animals once thought not to exist, and if he thought they added any credence to reports of cryptids around the world.

Here's what he said:

¨ animal discoveries are being made on a regular basis and although the vast majority of them are very small - invertebrates, insects, frogs, etc., large megafauna species occasionally turn up as well. South America's Kabomani tapir is a good example. Catalogued for the first time in 2013, here is an animal that weighs some 240 pounds, yet science was not aware of its existence. People must understand that a significant portion of the world (not even counting the vast, deep oceans), remains inaccessible wilderness. If Bigfoot exists, it is presumably highly intelligent and is adept at remaining elusive. Many researchers like myself see these beings as having adapting behaviors including being largely solitary, nomadic, nocturnal and perhaps even hiding their footprints and deceased, as well as camouflaging themselves by remaining very still for long periods of time. It is not beyond reason that some of these larger cryptids do exist."

 New animal species, like the Kabomani tapir Ken mentioned, a new species of hammerhead shark, new cats, etc. have been found in the past few years. In the past, animals like the coelacanth, komodo dragon, mountain gorilla, okapi, and giant squid have been proven to be real when most people thought they were just myths.

If those creatures once thought not to exist were proven to be real, why can't things like Bigfoot, sea serpents, and other cryptids exist, too?

If this lives in the oceans...
...Why can't this be there, too?

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