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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"100 Bigfoot Nights" - True or Fictional?

In March 2014, Christine D. Parker published her book 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story.  Only a few months later, she published a follow-up book, 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues.  Earlier this month (perhaps not coincidentally on April Fool's Day) Parker published another volume, this one being 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Paranormal Link. 

I got the first of these books last year and have recently started reading it.

Christine claims that after their family moved into a new house they started hearing strange noises and seeing strange things.

In the beginning of the first book, she says that the first encounter her family had was when they heard a howl coming from the woods across the road from their house in 2012. She, her husband, and her son investigated but didn't find anything.

Later Parker looked online to try to identify what was howling. She searched and searched, and later her son looked up Bigfoot howls. He played one from Ohio and she says it is exactly like what they heard across the street.

At this point Christine pretty much freaks out. She claims she has had a fear of Bigfoot her whole life and is apparently terrified of the things she says is across the street. Now, keep in mind - they live in a residential neighborhood, there are houses right on the edge of the "forest" across the street, and she seems to be the only one know has heard/seen a Bigfoot. She claims she saw one crawling on all fours once and says she is terrified when she has to get in the car at night, etc. This caused her husband to install at crap ton of security cameras and lights, but she is still freaking out.

Next, Christine said she reported her encounters to a "Bigfoot organization", although she won't say which one. She then says that a "Bigfoot investigator" (again, she won't say who and refers to him as "Mr. Hill") contacted her. Amazingly, he lived nearby and he wanted to come over and investigate. He apparently asked questions that went exactly with what Christine says had been happening. He just happened to point out that their dog that they think barks at Bigfoot is probably part wolf.

That's as far as I've gotten into book one. And that's only three chapters.

When I started the book, I found it pretty interesting. But, as I read farther, Christine seems to be on the crazy side. She claims she has a fear of Bigfoot. Why? She seems to think that the Bigfoot across the street (if there is one) is going to kill her and her family the first chance it gets. But, in reality, she probably has nothing to be afraid of. There are only a few reports ever of Bigfoot hurting or killing humans.

Below is an interview with Christine on The Moore Show. I've listened to the very beginning but then stopped. Maybe there really is a Bigfoot across the street. Maybe she heard one or saw one. But she doesn't need to spend all her time freaking out about it.

Oh, and she won't move from the house she is in. She apparently is fine living across from the "forest" with the creatures she is completely terrified of inside.

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