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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Should We Shoot Bigfoot?

That is the subject of a new article on Mysterious Universe by Nick Redfern.

Redfern starts off his article by talking about the recent killing of Cecil the lion. Last month, a dentist, Walter Palmer, from the US went to Africa (and paid $50,000!) to go on a big game hunt in Africa. Palmer and a guide lured Cecil out of his protected area, and killed him. The guide, Theo Bronkhorst, claims he did nothing wrong. "I do not feel I have done anything wrong." He said. Well, he did. Palmer is also in hiding. If you don't think you did anything wrong, why do you have to hide???
Cecil the lion and his killer, Walter Palmer

In Redfern's post, he talks about how people might react (and what the consequences might be) if someone goes out and kills a Bigfoot to "prove they exist." Does he support the killing of one of the creatures? No. Why?

He has several reasons. First, we don't know how many Bigfoots are living on the North American continent. Some think there are hundreds of thousands of Bigfoots. Redfern says that he thinks there are far less. I think that, too. I think there are lots of Bigfoots in North America, but not hundreds of thousands. Second, why would someone want to kill Bigfoot? Probably just to say "I killed Bigfoot first," Redfern says. He does not support that either. Neither do I. Third, what would be the consequences if Bigfoot turned out to be some sort of human?

You can check out Redfern's article by clicking the first link in this post.

As people who have read posts on this blog or my book or know me will know, I am also on the no-kill side of Bigfooters. Redfern makes some good points. Anyone looking to kill a Sasquatch should consider them, for a while, before going out and doing it. You may not be thought of as someone awesome, it will probably be the opposite.

In recent years, there have been a number of people who claim to have killed a Bigfoot. Justin Smeja said he killed one, but then buried the body! Just left it. It's not like he had evidence for bigfoot in the form of a body or anything. When he went back he just found some hair. When Bryan Sykes did a DNA test, he found it to be a bear. I think Smeja's story is a bunch of crap. The same goes for Rick Dyer and his "dead Bigfoots" which are known hoaxes.

There was also a TV show in 2014 with the GCBRO called Killing Bigfoot. Did they end up killing a Bigfoot? No. I actually never watched the show just because they wanted to shoot a Bigfoot. That and you know they aren't going to find anything if its a TV show.

Like Redfern, I hope that, if we someday "prove" to the scientific community Bigfoot exists, that it is with DNA, hair samples, film footage, or something of the sort. Or even a naturally dead body. But not a Bigfoot someone killed with a gun.

Don't shoot Bigfoot, Teddy...

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