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Monday, August 3, 2015

New Lizard Man Evidence? - Nope.

Something about the Bishopville Lizard Man appeared on the abc4 news website recently.

"Has Bishopville's 'Lizard Man' returned? New video surfaces in case" is the title of the article. Yesterday, they had a photo sent in by a woman named "Sarah." She claims that, as she was going to church, she spotted the Lizard Man running along the tree line. "So she did what anyone else wound do -- took a picture with her phone." The article says.

"My hand to God, I'm not making this up." Sarah said in an email to abc4.
Not the lizard man.
This would be good in a Godzilla movie, though! 

She is definitely making this up.

The article also has a part about a twenty second video that a man supposedly shot in early May.
"I saw your lizard man story and it's given me the courage to send you a video I took in early May. Though my wife believes me that it's real, she said she would be embarrassed that everyone would think I was a loon so I kept it a secret." The man wrote.

You can watch the man's video on the abc4 website, by clicking on the first link. Of course the object is super far away and the whole thing is blurry.

I will say that at least the photo is a hoax, and a bad one at that. The video might also be, but the figure is too far away to be certain if it is real or not.

The article does have some stuff on the actual sightings of the lizard man, too. I just hope those don't get put in the same category with the new fake ones….

If you really want to learn about the Bishopville Lizard Man, you should definitely check out Lyle Blackburn's excellent 2013 book Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster. 

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