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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another McDade Park Bigfoot

You may have seen my post from the other day about a photo of a supposed Bigfoot that was, supposedly, taken by a police officer in McDade Park, Scranton, Pennsylvania. I have my doubts about the picture, but now the NYC Daily News, who reported the photo, have another report of Bigfoot. This time a witness says one of the creatures attacked him!

Jose Ruiz, a resident of McDade, PA, claims the Bigfoot of McDade Park attacked him. He apparently emailed the NYC Daily News and said he was once walking in the park at night about 8 PM. He and some others were walking on a trail when they heard a noise and a "big creature" came out and attacked him. His friend ran and, when Ruiz got the ultimate weapon to fight a Bigfoot, a stick, the giant creature ran off.

He showed a picture of one bruise to prove he was attacked by a Bigfoot.

A paranormal research group is apparently going to investigate the incidents.

I think both are hoaxes. I think Cryptomundo commenter dconstrukt pretty much explains the rest:

"lol…. so many holes in this story...
"1. we see a random bruise… but no explanation how it was caused. 2. he has no description of the 'thing.' 3. if a bigfoot attacked him, he'd have a lot more than a bruise, no? 4. the source is the ny daile news… nuff said. : )"

I also don't think a stick would scare off a giant angry bigfoot.

A stick can't scare this guy away!

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