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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seth Breedlove is Filming Another Bigfoot Documentary

Seth Breedlove and his crew, who made the Minerva Monster documentary that premiered in May at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, are now working on another Bigfoot documentary - this time about the Bigfoot encounters from Whitehall, New York. Whitehall is well known to Bigfoot enthusiasts as being a spot with lots of sightings and was recently featured on the season finale of Finding Bigfoot. 

Like with the first film, Breedlove's documentary will take a "different angle" to Bigfoot.

Here's some of what Breedlove has said about the new documentary, from

"'It's not going to be anything people in Whitehall have seen before,' Breedlove said. 'So far we've talked with six different witnesses from the famous Abair Road sighting, including Brian Gosselin, whose story is pretty famous. And we had someone approach us off the record who was there that night, which kind of puts a different angle on this.'
"Breedlove said the Whitehall-based documentary, titled 'Beast of Whitehall,' will be the second installment of the documentary series titled 'Small Town Monsters.' The first was based in Wells and was called 'The Miverva Monster,' which focused on a monster in that small town. 
"'The Whitehall story is pretty famous in Bigfoot lore,' Breedlove added. 'Whitehall was always someplace we wanted to go far this and it worked out that we were screening our Wells episode, so we could come here and do some filming.'
"The 'Small Town Monsters' crew was out and about in Whitehall for a few days last week and Breedlove said they got some great b-roll filming and interviews done.
"'We want to document the history in the most realistic way possible and that's talking to the actual witnesses,' he said. 'We want Whitehall to have something that isn't really cheesy, but something to actually be proud of.'"

The article also says that the Small Town Monsters crew is currently working on several documentaries. They think the trailer for Beast of Whitehall will be released within two weeks.

Myself with Seth Breedlove (left) and the STM crew at the
Ohio Bigfoot Conference


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