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"'Finding Bigfoot' Team Still Can't Find Bigfoot"

That is the title of a new Huffington Post article by Lee Speigel. I've reprinted some of it below. I'm gonna have fun proving this guy wrong. (My writing will be in TCZ notes.)
Image from the Huffington Post

"Maybe they should just admit that Bigfoot doesn't exist. 
"After decades of debate, speculation, anecdotes, eyewitness testimony, photographs, films and videos, the hunt continues and true believers haven't given up hope. (TCZ: There were decades of debate, speculation, eyewitness testimony, etc. with lots of other animals, too, lots of which everyone knows about now, like the giant squid, mountain gorilla, and Komodo dragon!)
"After six seasons investigating Bigfoot/Sasquatch reports in 40 states and six countries on Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot,' a team of four hunters -- believers and skeptic--is still looking for the hairy legend.
"Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization founder Matt Moneymaker, researchers Cliff Barackman and James 'Bobo' Fay, and skeptical field biologist Ranae Holland have travelled through deep forests, jungles, mountains, rivers and swamps, following leads and trails of their elusive objective. (TCZ: You spelled traveled wrong!)
"One thing I've always felt was a problem with the show is that we set up this false expectation that somehow we were going to meet up with the Bigfoot and end up holding hands with him and pow-wowwing or handcuffing one and putting him in our trunk.' Moneymaker told The Huffington Post."

Moneymaker goes on to say how he doesn't even like the title of the show. Here's what he said about that:

"'The ideas of finding them -- what exactly do you mean by finding? I never wanted to use that word. I didn't like the whole title of the show because it implies that you might find it like finding a penny on the sidewalk. That's not the way it is with these things.
"If you're close enough to hear them, or sometimes you get close enough to see them, you're certainly not going to capture one. And even if we were going around with guns to try and shoot one, you wouldn't have much opportunity to do that because they'd be gone before you could raise the gun"


Now for what I think.

1. It sounds like Lee Speigel doesn't know that much about Bigfoot. At the end of the article he has a bunch of pictures of Bigfoot and such, including photos of "Hank," the "Bigfoot" Rick Dyer "killed" last year that turned out to be fake (and I knew it was from the beginning!) and also the fake Skunk Ape photo from earlier this year.
2. He seems to think that the Finding Bigfoot team will actually find Bigfoot on an episode. Let me tell ya, that'll never happen! When they are out on night investigations, they have a whole TV camera and sound crew with them! And, the TV guys don't like to go that far into the woods. Trust me - if you talk to anyone who has had something to do with an episode or knows the cast or something like that, they'll tell you they're not going to find anything, too. That's why I like the witness stories in the shows are the best part.
3. If Lee Speigel really wants to learn stuff about Bigfoot, he shouldn't just watch Finding Bigfoot. Nothing against the show, but it isn't the best place to get your Bigfoot information. Maybe check out the BFRO website(, or read some of the many great books on the subject that are much better than any TV show.

Here's one of the last part of the article about a law to protect Sasquatch in New York:

"Here's the actual 2004 Whitehall, New York, Bigfoot ordinance. Keep in mind, all of this was done about a creature or animal that hasn't even been acknowledged by the international scientific community."
Why does something have to be acknowledged by the "international scientific community" to be real? If you didn't realize - when scientists "discover" something like an animal, they never knew it existed before! (Like with Bigfoot.) AND, people usually have brief sightings or the natives to the area have usually known about the animal(s) for a long, long time before they are officially "discovered."(like Native Americans and Bigfoot!)

Just because science doesn't recognize Bigfoot as a real species doesn't mean it isn't real! Most scientists, except for a few, like the late Grover Krantz of Jeff Meldrum, won't even look into the matter of Bigfoot at all! That is unscientific! Lots of scientists of all kinds who have looked into the Sasquatch mystery have said that there is something that people are seeing and that is making footprints, etc. Just because the four people on Finding Bigfoot and the thirty other people running around in the woods at night with them can't find Bigfoot doesn't mean it isn't real. Even if they ever did run into a Bigfoot, they probably wouldn't be able to see it at night anyway! Don't they know that most of the Bigfoot sightings they investigate happen during the day???

If you want to check out the full article on Finding Bigfoot and not finding Bigfoot, you can check it out by clicking this link. 

Maybe Bigfoot and the Yeti are playing hide-and-seek, and that's why they're so elusive!


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