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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Review: Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides

*You can see my review of Paulides' first book, The Hoopa Project, here.*

Tribal Bigfoot is David Paulides' second book on the mysterious, man-like thing seen all over North America. In his book he does not stay in just one community, but goes to several counties with lots of sightings in California, and also to Minnesota and Oklahoma.

Like he did with his first book, Paulides brought in forensic sketch artist Harvey Pratt to do drawings of the bigfoots the witnesses saw. They did the second round of drawings before Paulides' first book was released, and no one saw the drawings except for the witnesses. You'll be amazed at how similar they all are, and at how the Bigfoots look. They don't really look ape-like at all, even though that's what many people think when they think 'sasquatch.'

The bulk of the book is filled with interviews with Bigfoot witnesses. Paulides and his group, North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), have found some associations with Bigfoot that seem to be almost always true. The Bigfoots seem to have close ties to Native Americans, and often apparently live on Native American land. They are usually seen near water, and lots of times near old mines. They are not afraid of children. They also are spotted a lot near berry bushes(sometimes eating berries), at least in California.

David Paulides' books are not like every other Bigfoot book out there. His group takes a different approach, and they've gotten some startling results. I encourage anyone with an interest in Bigfoot to read both of Paulides' books. You may be surprised at some of the conclusions, but they all do make sense.

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