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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another Sasquatch Field Guide!

Jeff Meldrum is working on a book about Bigfoot-like creatures from around the world, and is also working on a second field guide for the creatures.

Here's what Dr. Meldrum said about the new field guide:

"The production of a second field guide from Paradise City is well underway. the working title for this one is 'Wildmen Around the World.' The goal is to place the sasquatch phenomenon within a broader context - the survival of several relic hominids, e.g. yeti, almas, yeren, orang pendek, etc. It will also serve as a teaser for my next book which will further amplify and elaborate on that theme."
Meldrum's 1st field guide - w/ a new cover from 2015

Meldrum is also the author of the "Sasquatch Field Guide" and the book Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. (See my review of the book here.)

Not the best picture in the world,
but myself w/ Jeff Meldrum at the Annual Bigfoot Conference
in April

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