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Friday, June 5, 2015

Hiking Sasquatch Country: Exploring Bigfoot's Backyard

Hiking Sasquatch Country: Exploring Bigfoot's Backyard is an all new book by Wendy and Gary Swanson. Here's the description from Amazon:

"Five years of hiking and exploring the mountains long rumored to be home of the elusive Sasquatch, have resulted in a hiking guide like no other! Not only is the reader given driving directions and GPS coordinates, but also a complete photographic journal of the hikes available for online viewing. Take a preview of each hike on your laptop or tablet, to have an advanced look at your destination. 39 hikes and another 37 historic places of interest with photos of almost all destinations are included. Read about the "possible" Bigfoot encounters by the authors, and the historic records of the murders, like the "Almeda Mine Disaster." This story was brought to life by research into old records by the noted author, Zane Grey, who had a cabin on the Rogue River not far from the site where the miners were killed by "mysterious apelike creatures!" Hike into one of America's few remaining wilderness areas, and you may also come to understand why the authors' started their journey as critical of any possibility of Sasquatch, they now agree that, 'with the vast amount of wilderness areas that no human has ever touched, combined with several unexplainable occurrences, the possibility that Bigfoot creatures exist certainly would explain a lot of things, and it's entirely believable now that we've been in its beautiful home!' They ask that you treat its home with respect and tread lightly while you enjoy your visit!"

 The book has 39 chapters on hiking routes and historic sites, as well as chapters on Bigfoot sightings. I think it looks pretty interesting. It has a total of 138 pages.

You can check out more about Hiking Sasquatch Country: Exploring Bigfoot's Backyard on Amazon. 

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