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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bladenboro's Vampire Beast

A while back I did a couple of posts on the feline-like Beast of Bladenboro of North Carolina (those posts can be viewed here - Part 1. Part 2. )

Why am I talking about the "vampire beast" again? It's because Nick Redfern has an excellent new Mysterious Universe article on the subject. Before we get to that, here's a little history about the Beast of Bladenboro:

The creature (or creatures) was blamed for many animal killing in and around Bladenboro, North Carolina, in 1954. The animal was said to be cat like, but left footprints like a canine's. It was known to kill dogs, pigs, and other animals, and once even attacked a human. Some people heard it scream and said it sounded "like a woman with a knife stuck in her back." Many hunters tried to find it, but, like most of the time with mystery cat reports, the animal(s) escaped.

You can find out more about the Beast in Nick's article. Here's how it starts off:

"On January 6, 1954, the Lumberton, North Carolina, Robesonian newspaper published a sensational article titled 'Vampire Strikes At Woman; Police Chief Warns Parents.' It began in startling style: 'Worried parents kept a close eye on their children today as a strange 'vampire' beast continued to roam the countryside.
"Indeed, sightings and killings had been going on since late December and plunged the good folk of the small town of Bladenboro, North Carolina into states of fear and outrage. Although many eye-witnesses described the animal as looking like a black leopard, there were some who said it was more akin to a sleek-looking bear. Adding to the confusion, the tracks of the creature were said to be dog-like, rather than feline in appearance. 
"The most terrifying aspect of the story, however, was the claim of both the newspaper and the witnesses that the creature 'sucks blood from its victims.' And thus was born a vampire legend. The victims were, for the most part, dogs. There was, however, one attack on a person; the unfortunate soul being Mrs. C.E. Kinlaw. Fortunately, she was not injured: the animal simply lashed out at her, when its attempts to attack and kill her dogs were thwarted."

You can see the rest of Nick's post here.