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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Jeff Meldrum/Todd Standing Issues

As always, there's been a lot going on about Todd Standing in the cryptozoology world lately, and now Jeff Meldrum has been thrown in, too. This year, Jeff has been supporting Todd at bigfoot events, and apparently called Standing his "colleague" on Coast to Coast AM last night. According to the news, many people who have supported Meldrum are not doing that any longer. Kathy Strain and Henry May  have already posted how they will not be supporting Meldrum anymore.
Jeff Meldrum

I have to admit that I think Todd Standing is a hoaxer too, and also don't really like Jeff Meldrum teaming up with him(the same goes for Les Stroud), but I'm still supporting Meldrum with everything else(and Les, too.)

from Todd Standing's "Blinking Bigfoot" video, I can't believe people think
this is real

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I'll be posting more about Todd Standing and his "Bigfoot videos" later.

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