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Claims of a Nessie Cover-Up on Google Maps

Google Maps has been a favorite of conspiracy theorists, UFO hunters, and cryptid hunters for a long time. Many people have also tried to use it to find a Loch Ness Monster. Now, there are apparently more claims of Nessie on Maps going around, and this time, people think Google is trying to cover it up!
The disappearing monster?
(Daily Star)

According to Sputnik International:

Sightings of what is affectionately referred to as 'Nessie' climbed to a record-breakking number of 11 last year, with many partaking in contests for the best visual proof of its existence.
According to The Daily Star, Google Maps has been blamed for blurring the spots where the elusive Loch Ness monster allegedly popped up. 
The popular navigation app and service has been used by conspiracy theorists to prove that many phenomena, including those connected with Nessie sightings, really exist. At some point, conspirators believed they 'had struck gold' while searching the mountainous Scottish land, The Daily Star wrote.
Legends around Loch Ness claim that the great lake contains a huge monster, with a number of sightings registered annually.
The latest one occurred as a tourist from the US state of Idaho reported seeing, while holidaying in Scotland, a few large grey shapes moving in the water near the Urquhart Castle jetty.
Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster reached a record-breaking number last year. The 11 sightings, registered in the official 2017 sightings book, have been the highest number this century.
Interestingly, more and more people are showing interest in Nessie-related events, as competitions for the best Nessie sighting are increasingly introduced across Scotland, with the public invited to even write books on whether the Loch Ness monster truly exists.
Of course there will be more interest if monetary rewards are offered for pictures of Nessie… the woman who "won" last year got £1,500 for her blurry picture of a blob! And all the other "sightings" were waves or hoaxes as well.

Regarding the "Google Maps cover up," that's just conspiracy theorists and believers attempting to use an unidentifiable "something" as "evidence" for their monster.


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