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Chupacabras on the Loose? Two New Stories Surface

It's not that often I see any news items on chupacabras, but just this week there have been two stories about the cryptid floating around. One is a definite hoax, and the other is not a chupacabra either...
A chupacabra? A werewolf? Well, kind of…

The Express reports in typical sensational style:

A TERRIFYING beast of unknown origin has been pictured prowling the streets of Santa Fe, Argentina after the blood-thirsty creature reportedly savaged two dogs to death.
The mysterious 'half-man, half-animal' creature was pictured earlier last week in the dead of night on the streets of Totoras, Argentina.  
Horrifying footage of the nightmarish beast has now emerged to revel a monster unlike anything known to mankind.
 Local media reports claim a Totoras resident snapped the candid picture of the beast with spindly legs, shortly after mauling two dogs to death.
 The creature of the night is understood to have killed a Pitbull and a German Shepherd dog in a raging frenzy.
The beast has since vanished but the shocking image captured late at night has circulated online as social media sleuths attempt to crack the mystery.
The picture was shared online on UFO conspiracy YouTube channel UFO Mania, where a video of the other-wordly encounter has racked up tens of thousands of views.
Some who have seen the video likened the ghastly creature to the mythical Chupacabra - a bloodthirsty monster found in South American legend and folklore.
Jimmy Rice said in a comment: 'That species is called Chupacabra or Coupacabra. It is a very real creature.'
Others suggested the photograph is concrete evidence of a werewolf roaming the night streets of Argentina.  
 A YouTube comment by Sebastian P reads: 'That's a werewolf. Imagine if it stood on its back legs, it would be about seven feet.'
Iando Petilan meanwhile suggested the beast is a cursed human man transformed into the monstrous shape of a demonic dog.
The person said under the video: 'Here in the Philippines it is called Aswang - a man transform into a monster dog.
'It is a demon and can even shift into a cat or a big bird.'
One YouTuber in particular claims to have encountered an identical beast in person more than decade ago.
 Grizzlyguy40 commented: 'I saw one of those things in Va in 2005, it was crossing a bridge and we came upon it.
'It blew my mind because it looked at us and turned and began moving just like a kangaroo would and cleared the concrete bridge wall easily and dropped at least 15 to 20 feet.
'Haven't and hope I don't see it again.'
Grizzly later added: 'The one I saw was just barely taller than the concrete bridge walls maybe 4ft tall.
'It was looking off toward the drivers side of the bridge and when I came around the curve I think I caught it off guard.'
Many users drew uncanny similarities between the beast and the characterization of werewolves in the hit big-screen adaptation of JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels.
One person jokingly referred to a Harry Potter werewolf character Remus Lupin in a comment, saying: 'I wonder where Professor Lupin was last night...'
In fact, online detectives were quick to point out the creature looks strikingly similar to the Harry Potter movie creature, because it is in fact a photoshopped image of promotional artwork made for the film.
The image in question can be found on the Harry Potter Wikia page under the section Werewolf and JK Rowling's official Pottermore website.
One YouTuber who saw through the online hoax, Skyla Maximus, blasted online: 'I know the old saying, 'don't believe everything on the net!''

A photoshopped image of a cryptid… what a surprise, right?

 A second story comes out of North Carolina, and though the subject of the picture is not a hoax this time, it isn't a chupacabra either.
Not quite a chupacbra, either…
(Charlotte Observer)

The Charlotte Observer reports:

Questions are being raised as to whether a second 'chupacabra devil dog' has been photographed in the backwoods of North Carolina.
The latest image features a creepy, skeletal animal with little hair and a long tail, like a monkey. Its head is hidden by bushes.
State wildlife officials admit it's 'freaky' and some at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences took to facetiously calling it a chupacabra, which is a mythical dog with vampire-like qualities.
The photo was taken as part of a state camera trap program known as North Carolina Candid Critters, which captures images of animals roaming the state's wooded areas at night.
State biologists decided to try and explain the photo in a recently posted YouTube video titled: 'You won't believe what this chupacabra really is.'
Jessie Birkhead of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission believes the animal is diseased and contagious, but not a monster dog.
'This is a coyote that has a skin condition called mange,' Birkhead says. 'That's why you're seeing a lot of hair lass, a tail that is almost completely naked… it causes the animals to itch and hurt and pick at themselves.'
And it can give such animals a monstrous appearance: 'Their skin gets almost wart like. It's thick. It's leathery. These lesions will develop.'
Not everyone believes her theory, however.
Anthony Owens of Hendersonville tells the Observer he and an uncle saw a similar 'creature.'
'What we saw still makes each of us get chills. I assure you, it's no coyote with mange,' said Owens in an email. 'This ting almost disappeared right before our eyes and we were within 20 foot of it. It was gone that fast… My uncle's coon hound ran from this creature whimpering…It's real, I assure you.'
As monsters go, the chupacabra is a fledgling monster myth, with its origins as 'the Latino Bigfoot' going back only 30 odd years to Puerto Rico. But as the Hispanic population has grown in the Carolinas, knowledge of the 'legend' has spread, even to the point of alleged sightings.
This is the second time an image captured as part of the camera trap program has drawn comparisons to a chupacabra. Last year, a photo surfaced of a dog-like animal with glowing eyes and a breast plate of bones. Experts said it was simply a coyote or a wolf standing behind foliage that gave the appearance of a ribbed breast plate.
The state Museum of Natural Sciences recently began posting a series of YouTube videos to explain the strangest of the camera-trap photos, some of which have included images of basketball-sized growths on animals.
An alino deer was also sighted, along with a opossum sprouting a tree-like growth from its rear. Mammal expert Lisa Gatens from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences said the latter was most likely a case of the opossum dragging leaves with its tail.

Like all American "chupacabras," I have to agree with the experts opinion on this. Just because someone else saw something that looked like it doesn't mean it's a mystery monster!

The "glowing eyes" of the other "chupacabra" photographed would be eyes reflecting because of a camera…


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