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Capcom Offering $70,000 for Proof of Famous Monsters

Capcom, a video game developer, has partnered with Jon Downes of the CFZ to offer £50,000 (approximately US $71,000) to anyone who can bring in conclusive evidence proving the existence of various famous cryptids.
Jon Downes

The UK Express recently published an article on the offer, which reads:

"THE Loch Ness Monster, Yeti and Bigfoot are creations of legend and myth but a real-life monster hunter has partnered with Capcom to uncover concrete evidence of their existence.
"Hopeful monster hunters all across the globe have until June 30th, 2018, to collect a staggering £50,000 bounty for genuine evidence of the world's most talked about beasts.
"The bounty was put up by veteran games developer Capcom to celebrate the release of its latest title Monster Hunter: World.
"The Japanese company behind Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil is certain that renewed interest in real-world monsters could lead to exciting new discoveries.
"This is why Capcom partnered with Jon Downes, director of the world's leading research centre and authority on cryptozoology - The Centre for Fortean Zoology in North Devon.
"The renowned cryptozoologist will be at the forefront of the competition, analyzing every piece of evidence that emerges in the coming months.
"Mr Downes said: 'There are stories of monster from around the world, and while some may be flights of fancy, not every one of these monsters can be made up.
"'It is one of life's great mysteries and similar to Monster Hunter: World, I've spent the majority of my life traveling across the globe to hunt for evidence of these creatures.
"'Although I have had some successes, I have yet to find that elusive proof and it is time for me to offer my help as I throw down the gauntlet to the next generation.'
"The recently launched Monster Hunter: World pits players against otherworldly and fearsome beasts in a fantasy setting, but there are those who believe we share a home with these creatures.
"Mr Downes outlined his 10 picks for the competition, hoping to once and for all  bag evidence of their existence.
"These monsters include Bigfoot, mermaids, the Earth Hound, the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, the Mongolian Death Worm, Chupacabras, the Cornish Owlman, the Flying Snake of Nambia  and the Yowie. 
"Anyone who can provide evidence of any of these 10 monsters without a shadow of a doubt, between January 30 and June 30 2018, will be awarded the full bounty.
"Laura Skelly, senior PR Manager for Capcom said: 'When planning the upcoming launch of Monster Hunter: World we couldn't help but keep coming back to the real-life monsters we've all heard stories about since we were kids.
"'Speaking to the world's leading real-life monster hunter, Jon Downes, we were inspired to re-open investigations into a select list of top 10 beasts, setting a huge bounty to really encourage people to get back out hunting for evidence.
"'Much like in the new Monster Hunter: World game, we through it was only right that the scale of the reward fit the task at hand.'
"The wining entry for the competition will be revealed to the public in late July." 

It will be interesting if anyone brings forth any "evidence" of any of these creatures.


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