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Orang Pendek Filmed? Or A Lost Pygmy?

A new video has appeared online that shows something very interesting.

The video was caught on a Go-Pro camera by a guy on a dirt bike  in Sumatra and shows a "little man," what some think is an orang pendek.

The Daily Mail posted this about the encounter:

"A mysterious half-naked 'tribesman' was seen running down a dirt track in Indonesia by a group of bikers.
"The small man was spotted near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
 "Some viewers guessed the man could be a member of the mythical Mante tribe, who are said to be forest dwellers. 
"The motorcyclists were traveling down the track when they saw the bald man leap out of the trees.
"The footages shows one of the bikers falling on the ground as the mystery figure runs away from the group.
"One of the bikers continues down the track in pursuit of the skittish man, who jumps into the bushes by the side of the road.
"The group stop at the spot where the man disappeared and look for him in the bushes.
"The grass is so high that they can no longer see the figure as he slipped into the trees behind.
"A couple of the motorcyclists venture into the bushes to try and see where the 'tribesman' went and find the large stick he was carrying.
"Some viewers think that they mysterious man is a member of a lost pygmy tribe in Indonesia.
"The mythical Mante tribe are said to be smaller than the average man and flee when they see people from the outside world.
"The only record of the supposed tribe was in the 17th century, when it was claimed two Mante tribesmen were captured and presented to the Sultan.
"But most people think the Mante people are simply legend.
"In 2003, archaeologists found evidence of an ancient race of small 'hobbit-like' humans on the island of Flores, on the other side of the archipelago.
"Homo floresiensis are believed to have been around 3-and-a-half feet tall and lived around 50,000 years ago. 
"Fossils of the 'Flores hobbit' showed that the early people had small brains and no chin.
"While some scientists believe the species were completely separate from the modern human, others argue Homo floresiensis just had growth problems. 
"Since being released on March 22,  the video has been watched more then two million times.
"There are thought to be seven tribes who still live in the northern province of Aceh.
"The groups, who live in remote stretches of Sumatra, are mainly farmers and gatherers who live off the land.
"It is unknown where in the northern province the video was taken.
"The Alas tribe, work in forests to fell timber and collect resin, rubber and incense in the south-east of the province.
"The people farm rice and coffee, and also raise livestock such as horses and cows.
"The group, who practice Islam, also use shamans to ensure they enjoy good harvests.
"It is thought that there are as many as 150,000 of the tribesmen living in Aceh.
"Indigenous groups in the province also live high in the mountains and by the sea.
"The Gayo tribe, who have a population of more than 300,000, live in the mountains in the center of the province.
"The live 12,000 feet above sea level in the Bukit Barisan range of mountains and earn money by farming coffee and fishing.
"The Alas Kluet people are thought to live around 12 miles from the nearest main road and grow rice and coffee, as well as vegetables.
"The small tribe were also recognized as hunters and guerrilla warriors when the Dutch held Indonesia in the 19th century." 
Was it a tribesman who lives in the jungle of Sumatra? The video doesn't really seem like it is a fake to me, though I'll have to look at it some more. If this is just a tribesman who lives in Sumatra, could fleeting sightings of them in the jungle have something to do with some orang pendek reports?

Orang Pendek
(Tim Bertelink)

Will probably have another post on this later...


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